Search the Administrative Rules of Montana About Montana Administrative Rules Services

Administrative Rules Services is designated as the publisher of the Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) and the Montana Administrative Register (Register) in the Montana Administrative Procedure Act.  The unit serves as the filing depository for agency rule notices, rule adoptions, and interpretations.  Proposed rule changes are printed in the Register which is published twice each month.  The official, printed copy of the ARM is updated on a quarterly basis.

Each Montana citizen is impacted by administrative rules.  Administrative rules are agency regulations, standards or statements of applicability that implement, interpret, or set law or policy.  An agency can also adopt administrative rules that describe the organization, procedures or practice requirements of the agency.  Agencies are given rulemaking authority through the legislative process.

Since administrative rules have the force and effect of law and agencies change rules throughout the year, agencies follow a comprehensive process in the adoption of a rule that includes a public comment period.  The Administrative Rules Services staff are privileged to work with agencies and the public offering technical assistance to ensure the rulemaking process is followed and that public is noticed of rulemaking actions.

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