(1) For all mining claims that have improvements that are specifically for the support of the mining claim on them, the land that is beneath all the improvements and the land that is necessary for the use of those improvements shall not receive classification and valuation as class three property. A market value determination shall be made for the acreage that is beneath the improvements and for the acreage necessary for the use of those improvements.

(2) The acreage defined in (1) shall be appraised according to market value consistent with that of comparable land.

(a) In no case will the market value of mining claim acreage be lower than the lowest market value assigned to improved tracts within the county.

(b) No specific site improvement values for water systems and septic systems will be added to the land values determined according to (2) (a) .

(3) All mining claim acreages determined according to (1) and (2) shall be classified and valued as class four property.

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