(1) It is the duty of each individual lobbyist or individual whose activities are covered by Title 5, chapter 7, MCA, to maintain records relating to information required to be reported and exemptions claimed. Each individual lobbyist and individual engaged in lobbying activities must timely transmit such information to the lobbyist's or individual's principal to allow timely reporting by the principal.

(2) Except as provided in (3) , the records submitted to a principal by a lobbyist or an individual who is paid to lobby or who is paid to support or assist a lobbying activity must, for each reporting period specified in 5-7-208 , MCA:

(a) identify each calendar day on which the lobbyist or the individual was paid to lobby or to support or assist a lobbying activity;

(b) indicate the reportable time spent by a lobbyist or an individual lobbying or assisting or supporting a lobbying activity for each calendar day identified in (2) (a) ; and

(c) identify each official action on which the lobbyist or the individual lobbied or supported or assisted a lobbying activity during the reporting period. The official action identified under this subsection must include sufficient detail to enable a principal to file a report required by 5-7-208 (5) (d) , MCA, and ARM 44.12.202. The following are examples of official action descriptions that satisfy the requirements of this subsection:

(i) identification of proposed or introduced legislation by bill draft request number or bill or resolution numbers (e.g., opposed HB 62 or supported SB 381, with amendments) ; or

(ii) using descriptive phrases that adequately describe the official action supported, opposed, or modified (e.g., senate resolution 6, supported confirmation of Gayle Smith to be director of department of administration) .

(3) The daily itemization requirements of (2) (a) and (b) do not apply to a lobbyist or an individual engaged in lobbying activities if all compensation and reimbursement paid by a principal will be reported as provided in ARM 44.12.203(1) (a) , 44.12.205(1) and (2) , 44.12.207(2) (a) , or 44.12.211(1) (a) .

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