(1) Purpose of the Authority. The Montana health facility authority (the "authority") is created by 2-15-1815 , MCA, to contain the costs of eligible facilities by making low-cost financing available to eligible institutions for facilities and equipment.

(2) Membership of the board. The authority consists of a quasi-judicial board of seven members (the "board") appointed by the governor in the manner prescribed by 2-15-124 , MCA.

(3) Organization of the Authority. The authority is allocated to the department of commerce for administrative purposes. It has the authority to employ or contract for professional staff and consultants, prescribe their duties and responsibilities, and assign classes and grades to its employees. A chart of the organization of the department can be found in ARM 8.1.101, and the authority hereby adopts and incorporates this chart by reference into its organizational rule.

(4) Information and Submissions. Inquiries regarding the authority may be addressed to the Montana Health Facility Authority, P.O. Box 200506, Helena, Montana 59620-0506.

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