(1) The licensee shall maintain records, including records and reports prepared on forms provided by the department and the Department of Livestock, inspection certificates, receipts, invoices, agreements of sale, canceled checks, and bills of sale, in accordance with 87-4-417 , MCA. The licensee shall keep such records on or near the premises of the game farm and shall make the records kept on forms provided by the department and the Department of Livestock available for inspection upon the department's request. The licensee shall declare in the license application the location of the licensee's game farm records and reports and shall notify the department of any changes in their location.

(2) The licensee shall prepare and submit reports on forms provided by the department, unless the department has given written authorization for a different format.

(3) Records and reports must include purchases, sales, escapes, recaptures, boarding, leasing, transfers, slaughters, deaths and births of game farm animals and the sex, animal identification numbers, species (including the identification of hybrids) and ownership of each game farm animal. The licensee shall record purchases, sales, boarding, leasing, transfers and slaughters within ten days of their occurrence.

(4) The licensee shall fill out all records and reports forms accurately and completely and shall certify the accuracy and completeness of the forms. The licensee may not discard pages in the forms provided by the department. The licensee shall return any voided pages to the department.

(5) The licensee shall file the reports prepared pursuant to this rule with the department within two weeks of the reporting periods ending December 31 and June 30 of each year.

(6) Upon license renewal, a licensee may request authorization to submit an annual report (instead of the semiannual reports in (5)) due within two weeks after the reporting period ending on December 31 of each year. The department will approve the request if:

(a) the licensee's prior reports have been accurate and timely, the licensee is in compliance with all game farm statutes and regulations, and the licensee has reported fewer than 20 transactions within the prior year; or

(b) the licensee has no game farm animals and will not have any game farm animals during the license year.

(7) The department may require the licensee to perform a game farm animal census when there are discrepancies in game farm records or reports. The licensee may request the presence of both the department and the Department of Livestock.

(8) Upon the termination, revocation, or surrender (including the failure to renew) of a license, the licensee shall, within ten days of the removal of the game farm animals, submit a final report, including records and reports prepared on forms provided by the department and the Department of Livestock, showing the disposition of the animals.

History: 87-4-417, 87-4-422, MCA; IMP, 87-4-426, MCA; NEW, 1999 MAR p. 79, Eff. 1/15/99.