(1) An application must contain a list of sources of information used in preparing the application. An application must specify when field investigations were conducted.

(2) An application should include only information relevant to the facility. The application requirements in these rules address a comprehensive range of issues for the wide range of facilities covered by the Act. The applicability or relevance of the requirements to a particular facility are dependent on its type, its design, how its output will be marketed, its size or length, and on the characteristics and complexity of the geographic area(s) where the facility may be located. An application shall contain the information required by subchapters 8 and 9 and 13 through 15 unless specific provisions for submitting less information are contained in the rule, or unless the department gives written permission, prior to filing the application, to omit certain information. Unless a rule provides differently, an applicant desiring to omit information it considers irrelevant to the project shall submit to the department a written request to make the omission, along with documentation justifying its request. The department shall review the applicant's request and shall make a written determination of whether the information may be omitted. If there is a substantial cost to the department to verify the applicant's justification, the applicant shall contract with the department and reimburse it for expenses incurred pursuant to 75-20-106 , MCA.

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