(1) Each operator shall conduct each blasting operation under direction of an individual who has been certified by the department pursuant to ARM 17.24.1261 and who is familiar with the operation's blasting plan and site-specific blasting performance standards. The certified blaster's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, determining blasting pattern, hole pattern, type and quantity of explosives, maintenance of blasting records, and safety of employees involved in the storage, transportation, and use of explosives.

(2) A certified blaster may not delegate the direction of blasting operations to any individual who is not a certified blaster.

(3) A certified blaster and at least one other person must be present during the detonation of each blast.

(4) A certified blaster shall immediately exhibit on-site or at the mine office his certificate to any authorized representative of the department or the Federal Coal Regulatory Authority upon request.

(5) An operator shall require that persons who are not certified blasters receive direction and on-the-job training from a certified blaster before those persons assist in the storage, transportation, and use of explosives.

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