(1) (a) The governmental entities specified in ARM 17.24.401(5) (b) may file written comments on applications with the department with respect to the effects of the proposed mining operations on the environment within their areas of responsibility. These comments must be submitted to the department within 30 days of receipt of written notice pursuant to ARM 17.24.401(5) .

(b) The department shall immediately transmit a copy of all such comments for filing and public inspection at the public office where the applicant filed a copy of the application under ARM 17.24.401(6) . A copy must also be transmitted to the applicant.

(2) (a) Any person whose interests are or may be adversely affected or an officer or head of any federal, state, or local government agency or authority shall have the right to file written objections to an initial or revised application with the department within 30 days after the last publication of the newspaper notice required in ARM 17.24.401(3) .

(b) The department shall, immediately upon receipt of any written objections:

(i) transmit a copy of them to the applicant; and

(ii) file a copy for public inspection in the Helena and Billings offices of the department.

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