(1) An application for a small miner cyanide or other metal leaching solvent or reagent processing facility permit must include the following baseline information on the existing conditions at the site:

(a) a map showing all wells and springs and surface water that may be impacted by the proposal within one mile of the proposed permit area;

(b) a map showing all known significant cultural resources in the proposed permit area;

(c) analysis of surface and ground water samples for background parameters determined by the department, from selected sites chosen in consultation with department staff;

(d) a map delineating soil units for the proposed permit area based on available information, including that available from the soil conservation district;

(e) a listing of species of game fish within one mile of the proposed permit area;

(f) identification of any hatcheries in the vicinity of the proposed permit area;

(g) baseline precipitation records;

(h) flow data for surface and ground water identified in (a) and (c) above from available sources and water depth for identified wells; and

(i) identification of public water supply systems that withdraw water within five miles downstream from the ore processing facility.

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