(1) No person may destroy, deface, injure, remove, or otherwise damage any natural or improved property or willfully or negligently cut, destroy, or mutilate any tree, shrub, or plant, or any geological, historical, or archaeological feature, not including flowers, berries, cones, or fallen dead wood.

(2) No person may disturb or remove the topsoil cover or permit the disturbance or removal of topsoil cover. This prohibits digging for worms, burying of garbage, and allowing pets to dig holes.

(3) Gathering or cutting firewood for off site use is prohibited without prior written approval of the director or his agent.

(4) No person may design, construct, place or use any structure (including, but not limited to roads, trails, signs, or landscape features) within a designated recreation area, (including leased lands) without prior approval of the director or his agent. Unauthorized structures are subject to removal or impoundment.

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