(1) All public at-grade crossings will be placed on a priority index by MDT. The priority index system is used to rate each public at-grade railroad crossing to determine the sequence in which public at-grade crossings will be considered for signals or additional signal work.

(a) These signal projects are funded by the MDT safety program. This program does not preclude the road authority or railroad paying for railroad signals to be installed at any public at-grade crossing.

(2) Non-signalized public at-grade railroad crossings will be considered for signalization based on the following criteria:

(a) available funding;

(b) the priority index; and

(c) a recommendation of the diagnostic review team based upon an on-site review.

(3) The diagnostic review team can recommend installation of signals at a non-signalized at-grade railroad crossing independent of the priority index if, in the opinion of the diagnostic review team, safety considerations are such that the public at-grade crossing should be signalized.

(4) The diagnostic review team will determine the scope of signal work which may include the following:

(a) installation of flashing light signals, flashing light signals with gates, or cantilever signals;

(b) maintaining the existing level of protection;

(c) removing an existing signal; or

(d) other safety improvements deemed necessary by the diagnostic review team.

History: 60-2-121 and 2-3-103, MCA; IMP, 60-2-121 and 60-2-201, MCA; NEW, 1997 MAR p. 642, Eff. 4/8/97.