12.8.604    DRAFT REPORT

(1) A draft report shall be produced prior to the public review which addresses the following items:

(a) the "capacity for development" referred to in 23-1-110 (2) (b) , MCA, which is further defined as the physical capacity of the site to withstand the proposed modifications and shall include the likely impacts on the resource. Specific items to be considered include the site's soil, water, terrain, natural features and all practicable ways to preserve site aesthetics;

(b) the impacts to the physical and human environment;

(c) compliance with the Montana Environmental Policy Act;

(d) projected operation and maintenance costs and funding sources over the useful life of the proposed improvements under the following assumptions or conditions:

(i) the life expectancy used in the analysis of the proposed improvements will not exceed 25 years; and

(ii) when sites generate income, that information shall be part of the analysis;

(e) information on the natural, cultural and historic features present on the site;

(f) the impacts, both positive and negative, that the site improvement or development will likely have on tourism where:

(i) tourism is defined as the guidance or management of tourists, who are individuals who make tours for pleasure or education; and,

(ii) site development projects will be sent to the department of commerce with a request for review as to the impacts on the tourism economy;

(g) how the proposed improvement or development project relates to long range department plans;

(h) desires of the public as expressed to the department, including comments received by the department which may be on file or user surveys; and

(i) site specific modifications as they relate to the park or fishing access site system as a whole.

History: Sec. 23-1-110 MCA; IMP, Sec. 23-1-110 MCA; NEW, 1992 MAR p. 2382, Eff. 10/30/92.