(1) The procurement officer may allow a bidder or offeror to correct minor mistakes in a bid or offer if the mistake is clearly not attributed to an error in judgment, and the mistake and the intended correct bid or offer is clearly evident on the form of the document. Examples of correctable mistakes include, but are not limited to:

(a) typographical errors;

(b) errors in extending unit prices;

(c) transposition errors;

(d) arithmetical errors;

(e) failure to sign and return an acknowledgment of addendum; or

(f) signature omitted.

(2) The procurement officer may permit a bidder or offeror to withdraw a low bid or proposal if:

(a) a mistake is clearly evident on the face of the document but the intended correct information is not similarly evident; or

(b) the bidder or offeror submits proof of evidentiary value which clearly and convincingly demonstrates that a mistake was made.

(3) The division administrator of the State Financial Services Division or designee may waive minor variations in a bid, offer, or solicitation.

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