An examiner shall conduct the motorcyclist's examination in the following order:

(1) Ask preliminary questions and have applicant complete necessary forms.

(2) Determine that applicant is currently licensed as a Montana operator or chauffeur.

(3) Give motorcycle endorsement examination (written test) . (Oral for illiterates.) If applicant fails any portion of this test, list the station, date, initial and note the number of test failed, and list on the original copy of the motorcycle endorsement receipt. The applicant must understand that the receipt is not a motorcycle endorsement.

(4) Give driving test. The written test must be completed satisfactorily before conducting either part of the driving test. If requested or if either portion of the driving test is failed, sign and issue motorcycle endorsement "Learner's License." Give skill portion of driving test first. If unsatisfactory, this portion does not count towards three time failure.

(5) Validate license or temporary license and issue to applicant.

History: Sec. 44-1-103, MCA; IMP, 61-5-101 et seq. , MCA, NEW, Eff. 3/8/76; AMD, Eff. 12/5/76.