Each applicant for a motorcycle endorsement must complete a "skill" examination as follows:

(1) Vehicle check and equipment identification. The following items must be checked at the beginning of each skill test. The applicant must demonstrate reasonable skill in the ability to locate and identify controls.

(a) Headlights (bright and dim) ;

(b) Signal lights (front and rear, if equipped) ;

(c) Brake light;

(d) License plate light;

(e) Muffler;

(f) Tires (visually) ;

(g) Check and record motorcycle license number. (If no plate or sticker, no test. If foreign plate, or new or newly purchased motorcycle, proceed with test.) ;

(h) Brakes;

(i) Horn;

(j) Clutch;

(k) Shift mechanism;

(1) Fuel shut-off;

(m) Choke;

(n) Throttle; and

(o) Light switch.

Test must be refused if in the examiner's opinion the brakes are unsafe or sufficient other items malfunction to make the

motorcycle unsafe to operate.

(2) Applicant completes one of the following three driving tests depending on the facilities available to the examining officer.

(a) Applicant drives the "Serpentine" going as slowly as possible. Applicant may turn at far end by any method convenient, as long as control and balance are maintained. From a stop, opposite the last guard cone, applicant drives a straight line through triangle and comes to a complete stop, with front wheel between two cones on near end. During the straight drive, applicant must shift from low to second and back to low using the clutch.

(b) Applicant completes Motorcycle Operator Skill Test (MOST) . This test consists of nine (9) exercises, which require the applicant to drive through a course and complete the following skill tests:

1) Starting and moving up a hill

     2) Making a sharp turn

     3) Accelerating in a turn

     4) Slowing in a turn

     5) Coming to a normal stop

     6) Turning speed selection

     7) Quick stop on a straightaway

     8) Obstacle turn

     9) Quick stop on a curve

The examiner will give specific instructions on the requirements of each test.

(c) Applicant completes a modified Motorcycle Operator Skill Test (AL-MOST) . This test consists of eight (8) exercises, the first of which is handled in (1) above. The remaining seven (7) skill tests are as follows:

     1) Upshifting/Downshifting skills

     2) Making a sharp left turn

     3) Coming to a normal stop

     4) Negotiating an off-set cone weave

     5) Making a "U" turn

     6) Coming to a quick stop

     7) Obstacle turn

The examiner will give specific instructions on the requirements of each test.

(3) No passenger is permitted during any portion of the examination.

History: Sec. 44-1-103 MCA; IMP, 61-5-101 et seq. , 61-5-110, MCA; NEW, Eff. 3/8/76; AMD, 1982 MAR p. 600 Eff. 3/26/82.