(1) The registered nurse shall:

(a) have knowledge of the statutes and rules governing nursing and function within the legal boundaries of nursing practice;

(b) accept responsibility for individual nursing actions and competence and base practice on validated data;

(c) obtain instruction and supervision as necessary when implementing nursing techniques or practices;

(d) function as a member of the health team;

(e) collaborate with other members of the health team to provide optimum client care;

(f) consult with nurses and other health team members and make referrals as necessary;

(g) contribute to the formulation, interpretation, implementation, and evaluation of the objectives and policies related to nursing practice within the employment setting;

(h) participate in the evaluation of nursing through peer review;

(i) report unsafe nursing practice to immediate supervisor and the board, and unsafe practice conditions to any and all recognized federal, state, county, municipal, or private bodies organized with powers to regulate and enforce nursing practice conditions;

(j) report practice of nursing by unlicensed individuals to the board;

(k) delegate to another only those nursing measures which that person is prepared or qualified to perform;

(l) supervise others to whom nursing interventions are delegated;

(m) retain professional accountability for nursing care when delegating nursing interventions;

(n) conduct practice without discrimination on the basis of age, race, religion, sex, sexual preference, national origin, or handicap;

(o) respect the dignity and rights of clients regardless of social or economic status, personal attributes, or nature of health problems;

(p) respect the client's right to privacy by protecting confidential information unless obligated by law to disclose the information; and

(q) respect the property of clients, family, significant others, and the employer.

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