24.301.701    SCOPE OF RULES

(1) This subchapter is promulgated in order to provide rules and definitions, as required by 50-74-101 , MCA, for the safe construction, installation, operation, inspection and repair of equipment covered to Title 50, chapter 74, MCA.

(2) Title 50, chapter 74, MCA, does not give the Department of Labor and Industry jurisdiction over unfired pressure vessels, therefore the provisions contained herein are not applicable to unfired pressure vessels.

History: 50-60-203, 50-74-101, MCA; IMP, 50-60-203, 50-74-101, MCA; NEW, 1996 MAR p. 420, Eff. 2/9/96; TRANS, from Commerce, 2001 MAR p. 2301.