(1) A milk and cream tester's license expires December 31 of each year. The license must be renewed by the first January 31 following the date of license expiration as follows:

(a) Receipt of a completed application form supplied by the department of livestock, animal health division;

(b) Receipt of the $10.00 license renewal fee;

(c) An official report of 5 milk and/or cream split samples tested by the renewal applicant and the diagnostic laboratory bureau, animal health division, department of livestock within the immediate past year showing all 5 renewal applicant test results within acceptable standards of deviation.

History: Secs. 81-2-102, 81-22-102 MCA; IMP, Secs. 81-2-102, 81-22-102, 81-22-205; Eff. 12/31/72.