(1) The board will collect an annual injection fee of $200 for each injection well existing upon the effective date of these regulations, and for each injection well permitted thereafter.

(2) Wells will be classified as injection wells under these regulations if the well:

(a) is actively used for injection;

(b) has been completed for injection service but is idle or shut-in;

(c) has been reported to EPA as an injection well; or

(d) has been permitted by the board as an injection well, whether or not actually placed into injection service.

(3) A well will no longer be classified as an injection well when:

(a) it has been permanently plugged in accordance with the board's rules;

(b) it has been repcompleted or converted to other approved uses, but not simply idled or shut-in; or

(c) the work proposed under an approved permit was not done or could not be accomplished.

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