(1) If the department fails to reach and issue a decision within the deadlines established by 50-5-302 , MCA, a certificate of need will not automatically issue unless the delay is due to an abuse of discretion by the department and the applicant obtains a writ of mandamus ordering the department to issue the certificate.

(2) If the certificate of need is issued with conditions, the conditions must be directly related to the project under review, and to the criteria listed in 50-5-304 , MCA, and ARM 37.106.113, and cannot increase the scope of the project.

(3) The basis for the decision of the department must be expressed in written findings of fact and conclusions of law, which must be sent via certified mail to the applicant and all other applicants assigned for comparative review with the applicant, along with a notice of the right to a reconsideration hearing pursuant to 50-5-306 , MCA, and the deadline for requesting such a hearing. The findings, conclusions, and notice will be made available, upon request, to others for cost.

(4) Notice, in summary form, of the department's decision, the right to request a reconsideration hearing, and the deadline for such a request will also be sent to each health care facility of the type affected by the application or applications in question within the geographic area affected by the application(s) .

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