(1) The department may, after notice and opportunity for a hearing, suspend or revoke a certificate of need upon a finding that the holder of the certificate is in violation of the certificate of need law, this chapter, or the terms of the certificate of need. The notice and hearing provisions of the Montana Administrative Procedure Act (Title 2, chapter 4, part 6, MCA) will apply.

(2) (a) A holder of a certificate of need may submit to the department a written request for a 6-month extension of his certificate of need, for good cause. The request must set forth the reasons constituting good cause for the extension and must be received by the department by 5:00 p.m. on the expiration date if it is to be considered.

(b) Within 20 days after receipt of the request, the department must issue its written decision granting or denying the extension. The decision must be sent to the applicant by certified mail, and distributed at cost to others who request it.

(c) Reconsideration of the department's decision may be requested by the holder and will be granted if the requester:

(i) presents significant relevant information not previously considered by the department; or

(ii) demonstrates that there have been significant changes in factors or circumstances relied upon by the department in reaching its decision.

(d) "Good cause" for the purpose of (2) (a) includes, but is not limited to, emergency situations which prevent the recipient of the certificate of need from obtaining necessary financing, commencing construction, or implementing a new service.

(3) A certificate of need, once granted to an applicant, may not be transferred to another person. In addition to a transfer from one person to another, such a transfer will be considered to have taken place if the applicant to which the certificate was granted is an organization and there is a change of ownership of 50% or more of that organization.

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