(1) All facilities must develop a written application procedure for admission to the facility which includes the prospective resident's name and address, sex, date of birth, marital status and religious affiliation (if volunteered) .

(2) The facility shall determine whether a potential resident meets the facility's admission requirements and that the resident is appropriate to the facility's license endorsement as either a category A, category B or category C facility, as specified in 50-5-226 (2) through (4) , MCA.

(3) Prior to admission the facility shall conduct an initial resident needs assessment to determine the prospective resident's needs.

(4) The initial resident's needs assessment must include documentation of the following:

(a) cognitive patterns to include short-term memory, long term memory, memory recall, decision making change in cognitive status/awareness or thinking disorders;

(b) sensory patterns to include hearing, ability to understand others, ability to make self understood and ability to see in adequate light;

(c) activities of daily living (ADL) functional performance to include ability to transfer, locomotion, mobility devices, dressing, eating, use of toilet, bladder continence, bowel continence, continence appliance/programs, grooming and bathing;

(d) mood and behavior patterns, sadness or anxiety displayed by resident, wandering, verbally abusive, physically abusive and socially inappropriate/disruptive behavior;

(e) health problems/accidents;

(f) weight/nutritional status to include current weight and nutritional complaints;

(g) skin problems;

(h) medication use to include taking prescription and/or over-the-counter, recent changes, currently taking an antibiotic, antipsychotic use, antianxiety/hypnotic use and antidepressant use; and

(i) use of restraints, safety or assistive devices.

(5) The department shall collect a fee of $100 from a prospective resident, resident or facility appealing a rejection or relocation decision made pursuant to ARM 37.106.2821, to cover the cost of the independent nurse resident needs assessment.

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