(1) In addition to the requirements of ARM Title 37, chapter 14, subchapter 3, a registration application for use of a particle accelerator will be approved only if the department determines that:

(a) the applicant is qualified by reason of training and experience to use the accelerator in question for the purpose requested in accordance with this subchapter and ARM Title 37, chapter 14, subchapters 7 and 17, in such a manner as to minimize danger to public health and safety or property;

(b) the applicant's proposed or existing equipment, facilities, operating and emergency procedures are adequate to protect health and minimize danger to public health and safety or property;

(c) the issuance of the registration will not be inimical to the health or safety of the public, and the applicant satisfies any applicable special requirement in ARM 37.14.1407;

(d) the applicant has appointed a radiation safety officer;

(e) the applicant or the applicant's staff has substantial experience in the use of particle accelerators and training sufficient for application to its intended uses;

(f) the applicant has established a radiation safety committee to approve, in advance, proposals for uses of particle accelerators, whenever deemed necessary by the department; and

(g) the applicant has an adequate training program for operators of particle accelerators.

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