(1) Whenever any radiation machine is to be brought into Montana, for any temporary use, the person proposing to bring such machine into Montana shall give written notice to the department at least 2 working days before such machine is to be used in Montana. The notice shall include:

(a) the type of radiation machine;

(b) the nature, duration, and scope of use; and

(c) the exact location(s) where the radiation machine is to be used.

(2) If, for a specific case, the 2 working-day period would impose an undue hardship on the person, upon application to the department, permission to proceed sooner may be granted.

(3) The person referred to in (1) of this rule shall:

(a) comply with all applicable rules of the department;

(b) supply the department with such other information as the department may reasonably request; and

(c) not operate within Montana on a temporary basis in excess of 180 calendar days per year.

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