(1) The department may within its discretion financially participate in the establishment and development of rehabilitation facilities.

(2) The department does not financially participate in any of the following aspects of the establishment or development of rehabilitation facilities:

(a) acquisition of land;

(b) acquisition of buildings;

(c) remodeling, alteration or expansion of buildings;

(d) construction of buildings;

(e) architect's fees;

(f) site preparation;

(g) initial fixed or movable equipment; or

(h) works of art.

(3) The department does not participate financially in the establishment of work activity centers.

(4) Prior to the establishment of a rehabilitation facility, the department will certify that there is a need for the rehabilitation facility, that the establishment of the facility is consistent with the state rehabilitation facilities plan, and that the facility will be in compliance with all federal and state laws and statutes governing civil rights.

(a) In order to be approved by and to receive financial assistance from the department a rehabilitation facility must submit the complete plans, specifications and costs of all construction, equipment, and related expenses for the proposed facility to the department for final approval.

(b) The certification by the state under this rule and ARM 37.30.1002 are not a guarantee of grants nor of purchases of services by the department.

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