(1) The department shall designate qualified laboratories, consultants, and contractors. To receive such a designation, firms shall apply to the department and provide the information necessary to establish the qualifications required by (2) .

(2) (a) To qualify for designation a firm shall demonstrate that it:

(i) is staffed with experienced, professional personnel capable of performing any or all of the work described in ARM 17.24.1225(2) ;

(ii) is capable of collecting necessary field data and samples;

(iii) has adequate space for material preparation cleaning and sterilizing necessary equipment, stationary equipment, storage, and space to accommodate periods of peak work loads;

(iv) meets the requirements of the Department of Labor and Industry Safety Bureau;

(v) has the financial capability and business organization necessary to perform the work required;

(vi) has analytical, monitoring and measuring equipment capable of meeting the applicable standards and methods contained in ARM 17.24.645 and 17.24.646; and

(vii) is capable of performing either the determination or statement under ARM 17.24.1225(2) (a) and (b) .

(b) Subcontractors may be used to provide the services required if their use is described in the application for designation and approved by the department.

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