(1) The foster parents shall ensure that each child is supplied with his own clothing suitable to the child's age and size.

(2) Clothing shall be comparable to the clothing of other children in the community.

(3) Children shall be given appropriate choice in the selection of their clothing.

(4) The foster parent shall inventory the child's clothing and other possessions when the child is placed in the foster home and maintain the inventory throughout the time the child is in the foster home.

(a) All clothing or other items specifically purchased for or given to the child shall be added to the inventory list;

(b) All clothing or other items that are outgrown, worn out, or missing shall be noted on the inventory list; however, no clothing or other possessions that came with the child from the child's home shall be disposed of without approval from the child's social worker;

(c) All of the child's current clothing and other possessions shall be sent with the child to any subsequent placement, including a return to the child' home;

(d) Foster parents shall record the cost of clothing on the inventory list when the clothing is purchased with funds from the maintenance payment and shall maintain receipts for clothing purchased with funds specifically provided to purchase clothing for the child; and

(e) Foster parents shall provide the clothing receipts and the inventory list at any time upon request of the department and shall provide the receipts and inventory list to the child's social worker when the child leaves the foster home.

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