(1) In addition to the information required by 40-1-107 , MCA, the marriage license application form must contain the following information, which must be reported to the department:

(a) the names and places of birth of the parents of each party;

(b) the date and place of the marriage, the name of the officiant, and whether it will be a religious or civil ceremony.

(2) The marriage license application form must indicate whether the parties are related to each other, and if so, the relationship.

(3) The marriage license application form must also contain the following information, for the benefit of local officials:

(a) whether prior applications were rejected, and if so, why;

(b) whether either party is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or narcotic drugs;

(c) the future address and telephone number of the parties;

(d) the certification by the parties of the foregoing information; and

(e) signature of the judge where required, and notarization by the clerk of court.

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