(1) Garbage and other debris including, but not limited to, grease, lubricants, paints, flammable liquids, trash, abandoned mining machinery, lumber and other combustibles generated during mining activities must be placed and stored or disposed of in a controlled manner in a designated portion of the permit area.

(a) Placement, storage, and disposal must ensure that leachate and surface runoff do not degrade surface or ground water, that fires are prevented and that the area remains stable and suitable for reclamation and revegetation compatible with the natural surroundings.

(b) All disposal sites must be routinely compacted, and suitable earth materials must be placed over garbage and other debris to a thickness in accordance with ARM 17.24.501(2) .

(2) At no time may any garbage or other debris be deposited at impoundment sites, nor may any excavation for solid garbage or debris disposal be located within 8 feet of any coal outcrop or coal storage area.

(3) Municipal garbage may not be deposited within a permit area unless compliance with this rule and ARM 17.24.510 is demonstrated.

(4) Notwithstanding any provision of this subchapter, any garbage or other debris meeting the definition of "hazardous" as found in section 3001 of PL 94-580, as amended, must be handled in accordance with PL 94-580 and regulations adopted thereunder.

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