(1) Two copies of any soliciting material

proposed to be sent or given to stockholders prior to the fur-

nishing of the written proxy statement required by ARM 6.6.1304 (1) shall be filed with the commissioner of insurance in preliminary form at least 5 business days prior to the date

definitive copies of such material are first sent or given to

such persons, or within a shorter period which the commissioner may authorize upon a showing of good cause.

(2) Copies of soliciting material in the form of speeches, press releases, and radio or televisions scripts need not be filed with the commissioner prior to use or publication. However, two copies of this type of material, in the form it is used or published, shall be filed with or mailed for filing to the commissioner not later than the date the material is used or published. However, subsection (1) of this rule applies to any reprints or reproductions of the material.

History: Sec. 33-3-447 MCA; IMP, Sec. 33-3-447 MCA; EMERG, NEW, Eff. 5/5/75.