(1) Approval of a program may be revoked or placed under probationary approval if the commissioner determines that:

(a) the program teaching method or program content no longer meet the standards of these rules or have been significantly changed without approval of the commissioner; or

(b) the sponsoring organization certifies that an individual has completed a program in accordance with the standards established for certification or completion of the program, when in fact the individual has not done so; or

(c) the sponsoring organization did not certify licensees who satisfactorily completed the program in accordance with the sponsoring organization's standards for certification or completion; or

(d) the instructor or sponsoring organization no longer meets the standards of these rules, has had a license revoked or placed under probationary approval, or lacks education or experience in the subject matter of the proposed courses.

(2) Reinstatement of a revoked or probationary approval may be made upon proof satisfactory that the conditions responsible for the revocation or probationary approval have been corrected and the provider is not otherwise disqualified.

(3) The commissioner reserves authority to issue a cease and desist order under 33-1-318, MCA.

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