(1) Funding available to the law enforcement agencies within a county for a fiscal year must be allocated based on 85% of the funding appropriated by the legislature for vehicle removal reimbursement during that fiscal year divided by the number of registered vehicles in the state and multiplied by the number of registered vehicles in that county. Funding from the county allocation is available to the sheriff's office and city police departments located within the boundaries of the county. The department shall deny a claim if the county's funding allocation for the fiscal year in which the removal occurred is located has been exhausted. The claim may not be resubmitted except pursuant to (2) .

(2) Fifteen percent of the legislatively appropriated funding for each fiscal year must be used as a contingency fund to be allocated on an "as needed" basis for extraordinary vehicle removal efforts. Whenever there is a need for additional funding to support higher than allocated funding levels, the law enforcement agency may request supplemental funding from the contingency fund.

(3) If the law enforcement agencies within a county do not use that county's full allocation, the unused portion of the allocation may be reapportioned as part of the contingency fund established in (2) .

History: 75-10-503, MCA; IMP, 75-10-532, MCA; NEW, 1999 MAR p. 2452, Eff. 10/22/99.