(1) In accordance with 39-51-2102 and 39-51-2104 , MCA, all claimants must register for work with the Workforce Services office serving the area in which the claimant resides, unless excused by the department. All claimants who are required to register must also maintain their work registration in an active status (as defined by the Workforce Services Division) as one of the eligibility conditions to receive benefits.

(2) A claimant who is excused from registering is not required to actively seek work, but must meet all other eligibility requirements in order to receive benefits. Work registration exceptions are limited to the following common circumstances:

(a) Job attached claimants, as defined in ARM 24.11.452A, must maintain contact with the employer to whom they are attached, and must return to work when requested by the employer.

(b) Union attached claimants, as defined in ARM 24.11.452A, must comply with the union's requirements to be considered a member in good standing and be listed on the union's out-of-work list.

(c) Labor dispute claimants who are unemployed due to a labor dispute may be excused from registering until a determination under ARM 24.11.465A is issued. If benefits are allowed, the claimant must either register for work or must provide sufficient information to the department to qualify for an exception as job attached or union attached within the time period specified in ARM 24.11.452A.

(d) Individuals participating in approved federal training programs under 39-51-2602 , MCA.

(3) Registration exceptions may be granted to other individuals or groups if the department finds the exception to be consistent with the purpose of the unemployment insurance program. Registration exceptions cannot be granted if prohibited by state or federal laws governing certain unemployment insurance programs.

History: 39-51-301, 39-51-302, MCA; IMP, 39-51-2104, MCA; NEW, 2006 MAR p. 916, Eff. 4/7/06.