(1) Home attendant services may include but are not limited to:

(a) household management services;

(b) health supportive services;

(c) social restorative services;

(d) teaching services; and

(e) personal care attendant services.

(2) Household management services consist of assistance with those activities necessary for maintaining and operating a home and may include assisting the recipient in finding and relocating in other housing.

(3) Health supportive services consist of assistance with those activities necessary to meet a person's health care needs. (4) Social restorative services consist of assistance which will further a person's involvement with activities and other persons.

(5) Teaching services consist of activities which will improve a person's or family's skills in household management, self care, social functioning, and child care activities.

(6) Personal care attendant services consist of health oriented tasks which include basic personal hygiene and grooming (bathing, dressing, shaving) , assistance with toileting, assistance with self-administered medications, assistance with food, nutrition, diet (including the preparation of meals if incidental to medical need) , and accompanying the patient to obtain medical diagnosis or treatment.

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