(1) Upon receipt of an application for a voluntary cross-connection control program, the department shall review the application within 60 days to determine if the application is complete.   If the application is incomplete, the department shall send written notification to the public water supplier identifying the deficiencies and requesting additional information.   Within 60 days of receipt of the requested information, the department shall review the application for compliance with this subchapter.

(2) After reviewing a complete application for compliance with this subchapter, the department shall approve the application if it meets the requirements of ARM 17.38.312 and disapprove the application if it does not meet those requirements.   The department shall notify the public water supplier in writing that the voluntary program is or is not approved by the department.   If a voluntary program is not approved, the department shall specify the reasons for its denial of the application.

(3) If a public water supplier wishes to modify a department-approved voluntary program for cross-connection control, the modification must be submitted to the department for its review and approval according to the requirements of this subchapter.

History: 75-6-103, MCA; IMP, 75-6-103, MCA; NEW, 1998 MAR p. 958, Eff. 4/17/98.