(1) For purposes of this rule, "card" means an Automobile Club Card or Guaranteed Arrest Bond Certificate.

(2) Officers may accept an authentic official card issued by any of the agencies recognized by the state auditor in lieu of cash bond.

(3) Prior to accepting a card in lieu of a cash bond, an officer shall ascertain that:

(a) It is an authentic and official card. AAA cards must carry the AAA symbol;

(b) The name on the card represents the person who possesses it. (Compare with the driver's license) ;

(c) The card has not expired; and

(d) The card has been signed by the owner.

(4) In accepting the card in lieu of a cash bond, officers, shall make a notation on the traffic citation in the blank, "Received $___ " such as: Name of club - member number in lieu of (amount of bond) . In such cases the appearance date should be set ahead at least 10 days for the processing of the card through the various offices.

History: Sec. 44-1-103 MCA; IMP, 44-1-1101 and 44-1-1102, and 46-9-414 MCA, Eff. 12/31/72.