(1) The blind vendors committee may advise the department in all matters relating to the blind vendors program.

(2) Committee members shall be kept informed by the department of matters within its purview that are being considered for decision. The committee will receive written notice of and invitations to attend important discussion and decision making meetings in these areas.

(3) The department has the ultimate responsibility of the administration of the blind vendors program and if the department does not adopt the views and positions of the committee it will notify the committee in writing of the decision reached or the action taken and the reasons therefor.

(4) The committee shall receive and transmit to the department any grievance at the request of a vendor, and serve as advocates for such vendor in connection with such grievances.

(5) The committee actively participates with the department in the development of training and retraining program for blind vendors.

(6) If an elected committee member is unable to complete his term on the committee, the chairperson shall appoint another qualified vendor to serve his unexpired term.

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