(1) Applicants for a new or renewal type 1 endorsement, or conversion of an existing chauffeur's license to a type 1 endorsement, will, upon fulfillment of all requirements for a type 1 endorsement, be issued a temporary license valid for 3 months from the date of issuance on a form furnished by the department. The temporary license identifies the applicant, any restrictions imposed on him, the class of endorsement issued, the driver's license number assigned, and the date of issue. The temporary license must be signed by the applicant and the issuing examiner. The temporary license may be used while the department investigates the facts relative to the applicant's right to receive a type 1 commercial motor vehicle endorsement. The temporary license must be in the driver's immediate possession while operating any motor vehicle, and is invalid when the applicant's driver's license has been issued, or for good cause refused.

(2) Applicants for type 2 endorsements will be issued temporary licenses as provided in ARM 23.3.139.

History: Sec. 61-5-112, 61-5-117, 61-5-125 MCA; IMP, Sec. 61-5-106, MCA; NEW, 1988 MAR p. 62, Eff. 1/15/88.