12.7.101    APPLICATION

(1) Any person desiring to harvest nongame fish from any body of water in the state, or whitefish by nets or traps from the Kootenai River or from its tributaries within one mile of the Kootenai River, for sale or commercial distribution must make written application to the director for a commercial fishing permit upon a form furnished by the department.

(2) The form must be signed by the applicant including mailing address and residence of applicant and stating specifically the waters and species of fish desired for harvest and equipment owned or controlled by applicant.

(3) If an application is approved, applicant must then give a bond to the department in favor of the state of Montana in the sum of $1,000 with corporate surety, conditioned on the faithful carrying out of the provisions of the application and permit. The department will then issue a license describing approved waters, species, seasons, and fishing methods.

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