(1) The department will evaluate the application based on the following criteria:

(a) impacts of the contest on the fish population of the host body of water, the aquatic ecosystem and the immediate area;


(b) compatibility of the contest with fisheries management objectives for the water;

(c) purse or participation limits (limits may or may not be imposed depending upon public comments received or potential conflict with other users) ;

(d) conflicts with other contests proposed for a body of water;

(e) compliance with contest rules, conditions or reporting requirements for previously sponsored contests;

(f) environmental conditions (such as relevant historic high water temperatures) and compatibility of check-in format with successful release of live fish for catch and release contests; and

(g) contest boundaries.

(2) The department will give public notice of all contests and provide an opportunity for public comment on each application.

History: 87-3-121, MCA; IMP, 87-3-121, MCA; NEW, 1987 MAR p. 1627, Eff. 9/25/87; AMD, 1995 MAR p. 367, Eff. 3/17/95; AMD, 2002 MAR p. 1073, Eff. 4/12/02.