(1) On areas of smaller, and/or scattered ownership, the department shall base management on restoring a semblance of historic conditions within state ownership.

(2) Where state ownership contained forest conditions made rare on adjacent lands due to the management activities of others, the department shall not necessarily maintain those conditions in amounts sufficient to compensate for their loss when assessed over the broader landscape, except as it coincides with other department objectives.

(3) However, if state trust lands contain rare or unique habitat elements occurring naturally (e.g., bog, patches of a rare plant) , the department shall manage so as to retain those elements.

(4) On scattered parcels, treatments shall be determined at the project level.

(5) The department shall apply the model referred to under ARM 36.11.404 at the administrative unit level, to the extent data are available.

(6) Silvicultural considerations listed under ARM 36.11.404 through 36.11.405, and 36.11.417 and 36.11.418 shall be applicable with 36.11.416.

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