(1) All revisions of tariffs and time schedules, including reissues thereof, shall be filed with this commission, as provided in ARM 38.3.2501 through 38.3.2507, provided however, that such revisions and reissues shall be accompanied by a letter or form of application describing the modifications sought and justification thereof.

(2) Application for modification of tariff, or time schedule, may be made in the following form:



(Name of Carrier)


by ___________________________________________________________

(Name and Title of Traffic Officer)

does hereby petition the Public Service Commission of the State of Montana, for authority to file on



(Statutory or short notice publication)

the ________________________________________________________________ hereinafter

(Nature of Modification)

set forth.

1. (Commodity)

2. (Proposed rate and minimum weight, charge, rule or regulation.)

3. (Station from or to, or between. If joint application names of carriers interested and junction points.)

4. (Tariff reference in which proposed change will be published.)

5. (Present rate and minimum weight, charge, rule or regulation.)

6. (Tariff authority for present rate and minimum weight, charge, rule or regulation.)

7. (Reason for proposed change and name of shipper interested.)

8. (Basis for proposed change.)

9. (If short-notice publication, reason therefor.)

10. (State whether or not a proceeding is pending before Commission or if one has been adjudicated by it in which the matter involved in the application is or would be in any manner affected.)


                    Dated this _____ day of ________________________, 19 ___.



                                                                                (Name of Carrier)



                                                            By ________________________________

                                                                                (Name of Officer)



(3) Copies, for use as samples, of the form described in this rule shall be available from the commission.

History: Sec. 69-12-201, MCA; IMP, Title 69, Chapter 12, Part 5, MCA, Eff. 12/31/72.