(1) Each weed district supervisor will become licensed as a government pesticide applicator in the weed control category prior to that person doing any actual herbicide applications in the county.

(2) Within 6 months of the date of hire, all new weed district supervisors will become familiar with the weed District Supervisor's Handbook and complete the self-test approved by the weed district supervisor's support committee.

(3) All weed district supervisors will attend at least one training session annually (several may be offered) that has been recommended by the department or the Montana noxious weed control association.

(4) Training (over a four year period) will include, but is not limited to the following topics and subjects:

(a) weed species identification;

(b) pesticide, selection;

(c) pesticide mixing, loading, storage and disposal;

(d) integrated weed management;

(e) equipment selection and maintenance;

(f) environmental protection (surface water, ground water, endangered species, sensitive plants) .

(g) weed mapping,

(h) pesticide application;

(i) pesticide statutes and rules;

(j) public and worker safety and

(k) weed management plans.

History: Sec. 7-22-2130, MCA; IMP, Sec 7-22-2130, MCA; NEW, 1998 MAR p. 1913, Eff. 7/17/98.