(1) An evaluation of the student must be conducted in accordance with the requirements of 34 CFR 300.301 through 300.311 and 34 CFR 300.321.

(2) For initial evaluations, the evaluation report must include the information necessary to address criteria established in ARM 10.16.3010 through 10.16.3022.

(3) The evaluation report shall include statements of implications for educational planning in terms understandable to all team members.

(4) The evaluation report shall include a statement as to why the student needs special education and related services.

(5) All evaluation reports will identify a disability category or categories for each student.

(6) For an initial evaluation only, the following additional team members are required when a student is being evaluated in the specified category of disability:

(a) emotional disturbance, traumatic brain injury, specific learning disability, or cognitive delay requires a school psychologist;

(b) speech-language impairment, deaf/blindness, traumatic brain injury requires a speech-language pathologist;

(c) autism requires a school psychologist and speech-language pathologist; and

(d) deafness or hearing impairment requires a speech-language pathologist or audiologist.

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