(1) Procedures for the appointment of a surrogate parent shall comply with 20-7-461 through 20-7-463, MCA, 34 CFR 300.30, and 34 CFR 300.519.

(2) A foster parent meeting the requirements of 34 CFR 300.30(a)(2) may act as a parent under Part B of IDEA if the natural parents' authority to make educational decisions on the student's behalf has been extinguished under state law and the foster parent:

(a) is willing to make the educational decisions required of parents under IDEA; and

(b) has no interest that would conflict with the interests of the student.

(3) The local educational agency shall petition a court of competent jurisdiction for termination of the surrogate parent appointment when the student's parents are identified, the whereabouts of the parents are discovered, the student is no longer a ward of the state, or the surrogate parent wishes to discontinue her or his appointment.

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