(1) On request of a requesting party, the provider shall provide confidential information pursuant to the governing protective order. The commission and all requesting parties having access to confidential information shall take appropriate action in good faith to mitigate the effect of provider errors in supplying confidential information, such as mismarking or misdirecting, upon discovery of the error or upon notice of the error by the provider or the commission.

(2) Except as described at ARM 38.2.5023 and below, confidential information is only available from the provider and only available in accordance with the governing protective order, and confidential information is not to be obtained from the commission or others, including the consumer counsel. However, the commission may allow inspection of confidential information maintained at the commission office, by any person having signed, filed with the commission, and served on the provider a nondisclosure agreement ten days before asking to inspect the confidential information.


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