(1) The provider, and legal counsel for requesting parties who have been granted access to confidential information, must give confidential information to legal counsel for requesting parties, when legal counsel for requesting parties has signed a nondisclosure agreement pursuant to these rules. Access to confidential information may be authorized by legal counsel to expert witnesses of the requesting party. Except as otherwise agreed to by the provider, the designated expert may not be an officer, director, or employee of any party, or an officer, director, employee, stockholder, or member of an association or corporation of which any party is a member or affiliate. Prior to giving access to an expert, legal counsel shall deliver a copy of the governing protective order and these rules to the expert and the expert shall sign a nondisclosure agreement. A copy of the nondisclosure agreement must be served on the provider.

(2) When it is not feasible that confidential information be provided to counsel and experts, confidential information may be made available by the provider for inspection by legal counsel and experts at a place and a time mutually agreed on by the provider and the party, or as directed by the commission.

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