(1) All marriage license applications and birth, death, fetal death, and marriage certificates must be submitted on forms provided or authorized by the department.

(2) Each vital record application and certificate must be typed or plainly written in unfading black ink that is legible on all copies or must be completed using computer printers that produce dense and legible characters in black. The characters entered onto these forms must be adequate for high quality reproduction by microfilming or photocopying and may not contain any alterations or obliteration of the original data.

(3) If the preparation of a certificate or application is so poor as to make the reading of the form difficult or if the entries are not dark enough to reproduce satisfactorily, the registrar shall notify the person who submitted the certificate or application that it is unacceptable. The person who filed the certificate or application must prepare and file a new certificate or application within ten days after receipt of the notification.

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