(1) A utility should maintain a broad-based advisory committee to review, evaluate, and make recommendations on technical, economic, and policy issues related to electricity supply resource portfolio planning, management, and procurement. An independent advisory committee of respected technical and public policy experts may provide an excellent source of upfront, substantive input to mitigate risk and optimize resource procurement outcomes consistent with these guidelines. Maintaining an effective advisory committee could involve funding certain member participation. A utility should also facilitate processes that provide opportunities for a broader array of stakeholders to comment. Such processes could include:

(a) public meetings;

(b) customer surveys (large and small customers);

(c) other processes that may provide a utility information about public opinion on resource procurement matters.

History: 69-8-403, MCA; IMP, 69-8-403, MCA; NEW, 2003 MAR p. 654, Eff. 4/11/03; AMD, 2008 MAR p. 575, Eff. 3/28/08.