(1) The Hard-Rock Mining Impact Board is created by 2-15-1822, MCA, and appointed by the Governor. By statute the board comprises five members, three of whom reside in an area impacted by large-scale mineral development. At least one member must reside in each district provided for in 5-1-102, MCA. The board consists of:

(a) a representative of the hard-rock mining industry;

(b) a representative of a major financial institution in Montana;

(c) an elected school district trustee;

(d) an elected county commissioner; and

(e) a member of the public-at-large.

(2) Information or submissions: Inquiries regarding the board may be addressed to the Hard-Rock Mining Impact Board, Department of Commerce, 301 South Park, P.O. Box 200523, Helena, Montana 59620-0523.

(3) For administrative purposes the board is attached to the Department of Commerce. For staffing purposes the board is attached to the department's Community Development Division. A chart of the department's organization is found at page 8-13 of these rules and by this reference is made a part of the board's organizational rules.

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